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   All about Computer Bridge

The WBF is conducting a survey exploring what types of leisure activities people do and why. The link to the survey is:

There is also an article about it on Bridge Winners:

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The World Bridge Federation is delighted to bring a new women's event to the 2024 calendar.

It takes place on 16-18 February 2024.

WBF  Online Masterpoints will be awarded.  

Latest date for registration is January 16. More info here:  

  Some some people have been worried about how the schedule will work but please note that while the schedule cannot be set until all entries are in, WBF says:

· Some countries have Saturday and Sunday as the weekend.

· Others have Thursday and Friday, or Friday and Saturday, as the weekend.

· For the convenience of all players, in your nation, you will not have to take part during work hours.

· Assume no more than 48 boards in one day.

· Nobody needs to start earlier than 9am, or end later than 11pm.                                                              

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