Until now Fred Gitelmans NetBridgeVu has been used and served as player for VuGraph video recordings. But NetBridgeVu is an old program, which latest update was in 2009! It's not fully complaint with Windows 10 and must be run in compatibility mode. But it has worked well until recently, when a necessary function begun to malfunction for some...

Add Vugraph Videos with the European Youth Teams Championships, Youngsters U21, Juniors U26 and Women U26, Finals and Round Robbins from 2005 - 2019. The Round Robins are usually two of the winners matches (if available).

> The first video from TV Bridge to a new section. TV Bridge is a new Danish Bridge YouTube channel with own produced videos. Also available on the First page.

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New Bridge Channel on YouTube  Interview with Dennis Blide

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        Rolling Cam around the world..                                                                                                                                             

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