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Something went wrong with the latest update including Spingold and Vanderbilt final. The missing ones are publised in this update instead.

> Semifinal in U21 Teams 2019 and Final in U21 Teams 2012 added to the World Youth Bridge Championship section.

This is the biggest update since the start of the Site. After this update ALL WBFs finals that are digitized and complete are available here as VuGraph video. Also some that are not complete (max 1 segment is missing) in the BBO Archive have been recontructed and are also available.

Added the 1991 final, Iceland vs Poland with all 160 boards and with info about the players and their systems and also with Icelands National Anthem! In the previous version, based on incomplete LIN files from the Vugraph Project, a number of boards in segment 6-10 were missing.