The Swedish National Teams For Ukrania 

At the initiative of national team player Frederic Wrang, some of our national teams played a team competition on May 10, 8 tiles against each team, on Realbridge to raise money for Ukraine. Money is raised via SBF's Swishnr: 1235679386, or BG 373-3482, is marked with Ukraine.

Collected money is then passed on to Ukraine aid Småland where a friend of Frederic is involved and where the help is involved comes to Ukraine without costly intermediaries while the fugitives are allowed to go on the return journey to Sweden.

Anyone who wants to help big, has a company or works at a company that wants to donate a slightly larger amount (SEK >10,000) is offered a place with name/logo on the national team pages as well as in the 2022 festival guide.

A total of 6 matches were played- 8 boards - all against all.

Video Recording with comments.

Final score: Veterans (54.67), Open (34.34), U26 (22.51), U21 (8.48)

                   U26 vs Veterans

                          U21 vs Veteran

                 Alla Matcher

                            U21 vs Open

                        U26 vs U21

                   U26 vs Open

                 Open vs Veterans