Big Update of the Site


This is the biggest update since the start of the Site. After this update ALL WBFs finals that are digitized and complete are available here as VuGraph video. Also some that are not complete (max 1 segment is missing) in the BBO Archive have been recontructed and are also available.

> New sections added with video/LIN files:                                                                           The IMSA World Master Championship                                                                               The IMSA World Elite Mind Games                                                                                       The SportsAccord World Mind Games                                                                                 The Wuhan Cup                                                                                                                       The Transnational Open Team Championships                                                                   The World Bridge Series

> New video/LIN files added to World Youth Bridge Championships:                                 Finals U21 Teams: 2010, 14, 16, 18                                                                                       Finals U26 Teams: 2010, 12, 14, 16. 18                                                                                 Play Off U26 Teams: 2016                                                                                                     Finals U26 Womens Teams: 2014, 16, 18

> New video/LIN file to World Bridge Series:                                                                         Finals Womens Teamas: 2008, 12, 16                                                                                   Finals Seniors Teams: 2008, 12, 16

> The 1962 final added to the Bermuda Bowl section.

> A video sections with WBF video in all Championships sections have been added.

> Other Stars section added to the Star section.

> New video have been added to the WBF section.

> New Trick Tounaments Episode 7 added to the Various section.

> 6 video added to the Over My Shoulder section