Handviewer replaces NetBridgeVu in VuGraph Recordings


Until now Fred Gitelmans NetBridgeVu has been used and served as player for VuGraph video recordings. But NetBridgeVu is an old program, which latest update was in 2009! It's not fully complaint with Windows 10 and must be run in compatibility mode. But it has worked well until recently, when a necessary function begun to malfunction for some reason? Probably due to some changes in Windows 10 or whatever? Anyway it was not possible to fix the problem. So the only option was to retire NetBridgeVu and migrate to a similar program, BBO's Handviewer. It was really not an easy task and I almost failed, but after testing a lot of things I finally managed to get it to work with my setup. So Handviewer will from now on be used for the VuGraph recordings. 

The Handviewers inteface is similar to NetBridgeVu, but it gives less information. One impact is that it's not possible to skip showning Push boards in the closed room. So Push are now also shown in the closed room. The viewer can skip the boards if desired, so I think it's a minor thing.  The good thing with Handviewer is that it's a modern program that is maintained and is more future proof.

Regards                                                                                                                                    Bjorn